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13 Degrees of Gold

Pure Bliss Herbs

Pure Bliss Herbs

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Pure Bliss is an exciting, enjoyable love affair with all of life. Our new product line is whimsical, wholesome, & jubilant. Made in small batches this is perfect happiness, and great joy! Romance all of life in the highest vibrations. We captured the essence of Roses & Honey to help you transmute yourself, and the space around you in a luxurious and sweet way. Attract the people, places, things, and vibrations you desire with beauty and sophistication. Life is supposed to be fun. Walk into your soft girl era supported and lifted as the Queen you are. Let all of life be your playground!

These Magic mushrooms come 3.5g per order take .3 or less for a microdose 4-5 days out the week consecutively and then rest without the herbs for 2-3 days, and then repeat. For a full dose take 2g or more. Vegetarian, Non habit forming, and could be great for managing depression, anxiety, and breaking bad habits like smoking, excessive drinking, and other addictions. This is not approved by the FDA and this is based off my personal opinion, through personal research. I am not making any medical claims and I am not a doctor. ✨

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