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13 Degrees of Gold

Money Spray

Money Spray

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Removes Money Blocks, Attracts Money, Opens doors, Brings Success, and Abundance, & Calls Forth Ancestral Wealth!

We have over 100 reviews for this spray. We are in three continents a few territories and 44 States. This spray removes any negative energy from your field easily and effortlessly. This spray calls in money easily and effortlessly. This spray brings great news and wonderful opportunities and completion of projects easily and effortlessly. This spray brings all your karmic rewards due to your bloodline and to you easily and effortlessly.

Use this spray in your home, your car, your purse, in your oil diffuser, or add a little to your bath water. For best results use consistently daily for 88 days straight. A spray a day makes things go my's ok to go a little crazy and have a little fun spray away!

Watch this video for the science behind the sprays

***On essential oils and body care products do not to consume orally.***

**Shelf life 6 months ***

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