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13 Degrees of Gold

Mirror Work Sing-a-long song

Mirror Work Sing-a-long song

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This is the sing-a-long verison of my #1 Hit Song Mirror Work!

Only available here!

Mirror Work is when you get in the mirror and talk to yourself. You affirm into each eye seperately for 30+ secs per eye the attributes, abilities, and alignment you want to experience in your life. I use 3 prompts. I am Proud of you for..., I forgive you for..., and I am committed to....When I began doing this work I couldn't say I love you to myself, hell I didn't even like myself. I could say I am wiling to love you, and I eventually was able to say I love you with boldness, courage, and strength! Music Is one of the highest forms of magic so this song will help you bring total transformation. The world gives you what you give yourself. Grab this track today to take your life to the whole next level! This is Goddess Musiq. 

*Add Mirror Work to all your videos and pictures on every social media site to spread the word about self love! Thank you!

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