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13 Degrees of Gold

Love 💣 & Manifest That $hit Bundle

Love 💣 & Manifest That $hit Bundle

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The Love 💣 Class
Boost everything in your life in a happy and joyful way. I taught my children how to gather energy, and create a love bomb. I showed them how to send the energy out within a 50 mile radius. They have been happier than ever since we all did it together the other day. They all keep asking to do it again, and it has now become part of their daily practice. Teaching my kids the vibration of self love, and universal love is so rewarding. Life has been more fun, more relaxing, and more productive! I have seen a huge uptick in my business since I began love bombing. My rituals have been more potent and my relationships with other people have transformed for the better. I have also been receiving the most wonderful surprises from all different types of people and life in general is fun and exciting. I can’t wait to wake up now to see what surprises life will give me each day. I think everyone deserves to feel this magnificent happiness. Join us June 28th @ 6PM CST.

Manifest That $hit Class
Join me on July 1st @ 7 pm CST to learn the exact steps I used to I manifest a home, multiple cars, large lump sums of money, vacations, prizes, a positive mind set, happiness, a thriving business, self love, better relationships, and tons of free classes, items, and opportunities.

… you DON’T want to miss this!

My techniques have worked for myself as well as others, and now I’m ready to teach it to you. You deserve everything you desire, and I’m going to show you how to get it.

This class will be held on zoom, and there will be live Q & A!
We also have a private group for you to get tips, and pointers! Bring a friend!!! I will be giving away FR33 prizes to a few lucky attendees!

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