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13 Degrees of Gold

Copper Waist Beads 2 Strands

Copper Waist Beads 2 Strands

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“Unleash The Goddess Within” with these beautiful 99.99% ✨Bare Copper Waist Beads✨

They are energetically infused & charged up to help you heal your womb, lower chakras, & feminine energy.

Copper is a bestower of good, luck, and prosperity bringing benefit to the user.

Copper relieves inflammation and pain by releasing pressure from the capillaries.

Copper is essential to wound healing, as it promotes angiogenesis and skin ECM formation and stabilization.

Copper is a mineral that is found throughout the body. It helps your body make red blood cells and keeps nerve cells and your immune system healthy. 

Copper is used to stimulate energy flow; it conducts healing energy to move around the body.

Copper amplifies and transmit thoughts and intentions.

Copper provides connections between the spiritual and physical realms through it’s high vibrating frequencies.

Copper offers auric protection from negative energies, psychic attacks, and harmful influences.

Copper enhances intuition and psychic perception.

Use these beads to release all guilt, shame, regret, and fear from your body.

These beads are focused on your lower 3 chakras keeping you in alignment.

Solar Plexus - Ultimate Confidence In All You Do

Sacral - Creativity, Balance Sexual Energy, Release Trauma, Ignite Desire, & Boost Vitality

Root - Increase Flow, Feel Safe, Be Secure, Stay Grounded

These healing beads were created to heal your Kidney’s, Stomach, Intestine, Ovaries, Cervix, Yoni, Lower Back, Hips,  Fallopian Tubes, Bladder, Adrenals, and everything around these organs. 

Clear the energy from past lovers, abortions, surgeries, rape, sexual trauma, self mutilation, self hate, pcos, tumors, fibroids, cyst, polyps, regulate your moon cycles, and menopause. 

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