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13 Degrees of Gold

CapriGold Oil

CapriGold Oil

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CapriGold is a true embodiment of the positive aspects of Capricorn and Saturn. Procrastination is now a thing of the past because this oil focuses on Swift Application, Power, Discipline, and Consistency. Charged under the Total Solar Eclipse CapriGold will help you become the person you need to be to accomplish all your goals with vigor. 

Pragmatic and proud, Capricorns want to be praised both for the reasonable actions they take their approach to life. The sea-goat always has their eye on the prize, be it material matters or emotional fulfillment. By keeping focused on what they want, Capricorns stay motivated.

Their strategic nature gives them the ability to make calculated risks and control outcomes of matters to their vantage point. Capricorns play just as hard as they work. They are steady, drama-free, & ambitious.

When it comes to their careers nothing can come between them and success - especially when they’re on a mission or trajectory towards a promotion or raise. Capricorns are not opposed to making any calculating gains to attain greatness - which is why they’re an intense and powerful adversary to anyone who stands in their way. Once Capricorn has achieved greatness they tend to provide opportunities to many others.

Capricorns are also:

  • Hardworking 
  • Direct 
  • Honest 
  • Loyal 
  • Persistent
  • Sensitive 
  • Practical
  • Organized
  • Serious
  • Responsible
  • Disciplined
  • Consistent
  • Ambitious
  • Calculated 
  • Structured 
  • Graceful
  • Elegant
  • A Touch of Class
  • Sophisticated
  • Detailed Oriented 
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