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13 Degrees of Gold

The Pampered Child Weekly Ritual

The Pampered Child Weekly Ritual

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Are you tired of having to do everything by yourself when it comes to your kids? It doesn’t matter if your child’s parent is locked up, deceased, or simply just inconsiderate you deserve assistance! It takes a village to raise children. Join me once a week as I ritual for support for our children. We will be pulling energy from the other person responsible for our kids. You may not get money directly from your child’s other parent, but your life will get easier. Harnessing the other parent’s energy will make sure assistance shows up from somewhere in the universe wether it’s free programs/daycare, free clothes/food, lottery winnings, new jobs, new opportunities, all expense paid trips, movie or game night tickets, back pay, child support etc. This on going ritual is designed to teach responsibility. Until the other parent willingly does right by their children and move in integrity nothing will prosper for them. Once they begin to show up for their kids all of their goodness will be restored naturally. 

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