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13 Degrees of Gold

Sacred Healing Ceremony Couples

Sacred Healing Ceremony Couples

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Sacred is something that is holy, a devoted ceremony, or something simply worthy of awe and respect. Connected with God or the Gods.

Healing is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

Join us May 28th-31st as we come together to release all trauma and fear. It’s time to operate in your natural born energy so that you can experience the best parts of life. At this event we will be focusing on the heart, and releasing all that does not serve you. Our goal is to bring more of your souls light into your physical body. We will do this in a multitude of ways like:

Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony


Tuning Forks

Sound Bowls

Qi Gong


Bond Fire

Light Columns

Crystal Healing

Release Session

Nature Walk



Breath Work

Energy Transmutation

This magnanimous events will be held in the beautiful Shenandoah mountains. Shenandoah means “Beautiful Daughter of the Stars.” Shenandoah is part of the national soul. It’s like the Ganges to Indians or the Nile to Egyptians. The mystical giver of life, the great mother-god of the American nation. This place is magickal! We will be staying in a luxurious cabin (see the pictures above) and food and drinks will be provided. 

Be prepared to love your life a whole lot more after this event! You are suppose to feel good, and we are here to help you do just that! 


Renard Walker or more affectionately known as “Nardo” is a practicing occultist, entertainer, realtor, entrepreneur and father.

As founder of Twemini Products, Nardo found his gifts through crafting energy tools. Through developing his skills as a healer of various modalities such as Reiki, Biofield Tuning and Crystal Healing, he has helped to bring alignment and clarity to people nationwide.

He believes that all is Divinity and it all brings you back to your Divine spark.


Aishatu Ahmadu or professionally known as “Goddess Musiq” is a practicing Alchemist, Mystic, Rapper, Author, Fashionista, Crystal Designer, Visionary, Confidence Coach, Business Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, and Mother. 

She is the owner and operator of 13 Degrees of Gold LLC. Aishatu’s spiritual journey began in 2017. After an encounter with her first crystal she began designing one of a kind pieces and began to heal her life. The crystals lead her down a path of other healing processes. Aishatu is skilled in Reiki, Transmutation, Ritual Ceremonies, Apothecary, Creating Energizing Body Products, and helping people UNLEASH THE GODDESS/GOD WITHIN. She does this through her products, coaching, music, and literature. Goddess has helped empower people all over the world, giving them tools and processes to take their life to the next level. 

Aishatu believes that we are all spirits having a human experience, and her goal is to help herself & others have the BEST human experience possible.  

The early bird couples special of $3399 ends March 10th 12AM EST The standard price for this event is $3599 for couples. We also have singles pricing if you want to come alone.  All sales are final. No refunds will be given unless there is an emergency and they will only be issued on a case by case basis. If you pay for the event and are not able to attend you can use your credit toward another event or services and products from either or both facilitators. 

We look forward to elevating with you! 

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