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Remove Negativity Bath Salt

Remove Negativity Bath Salt

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Use this blend of bath salts oils and herbs to remove any and all negative, baneful, and unproductive energy. This bath removes black magic, and breaks spells, curses, and hexes. This salt is strong. Taking 3 baths back to back with in a 3 day span is recommended. Speak to the water as you pour in the salt. Say your intention. What outcome do you want from using the salt? Use a 3rd of the bag and add your own epsom salt with it if you like. Visualize all negative forces being lifted from you when you are sitting in the water. Pour some of the water over the crown of your head. Be sure to avoid your eyes.

Say this: I send all energy that does not belong to me back to where it came from. I am uncrossed and I break I spells, hexes, or curses cast upon me and my bloodline. I call my energy back to me cleansed, amplified, and ready to use. 

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