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13 Degrees of Gold

Juicy Fruit Oil

Juicy Fruit Oil

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Unleash The Goddess Within With Juicy Fruit!
This is a 2oz self love personal lubricant that can be used with or without a partner. You’ll be gushing and squirting all over the place in no time. Take your masturbation practice to the next level! This oil gives you the confidence of the Goddess you truly are. This oil is a mating call for divine masculine males. Infused with #RICHMENONLY energy, because why accept anything less? Any man dealing with you will boss up to match your vibration or he will get lost. Become the ultimate divine feminine in your own life, and shift the way you do everything. Love every aspect of you especially your pu$$y….after all she gives life. Honor her, respect her, love her, and lift her up! Use on your body, on candles, in your hair, oil diffuser, or your bath. 

Juicy Fruit helps:

*Increase Your Self Love
*Balance Your PH
*Increase Wetness
*Improves Odor
*Increase Sex Drive
*Makes Your Kitty Taste Irresistible
*Boost Confidence
*Amps Up Your Sex Appeal
*Attracts Men Of Value(or promotes their elevation into 1)
*Relieves Cramps
*Makes Menstruals More Enjoyable
*Promotes Inner Peace & Happiness
*Increases Optimism



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